About the Artist

Mick Anderson Artist
I am a self taught artist that paints in oil and water colour. I retired four years ago as a Design Engineer and now I paint full time and love every minute of it.

My style I would say is very traditional, I admire the great Dutch masters with their skills and what they managed to achieve with the equipment they had.

I would say I am a fine art painter, which probably comes from my design engineering days.

The subjects I generally paint are Still Life, Portraiture (including pets) and Wild Life.

When painting in oil I usually paint on MDF board that is treated with Acrylic Gesso and sanded down to be almost as smooth as glass, this enables me to produce very fine detailed work.

I have had a number of one man exhibitions plus group exhibitions with Branch, NNAC, Institute of East Anglian Artists, Group 9+ and The Natural World Art Group.
I was invited to exhibit a self portrait that I did portraying the later effects of Polio (Post Polio Syndrome) at the OXO Gallery on the South Bank London last year. This painting I donated to the British Polio Fellowship to help them make the public and the medical profession more aware of the tragic effects that return many years later. This painting travels around galleries all over the UK to achieve this goal. If you know of a gallery that would be prepared to hang this painting for a short period please let me know.

I have sold work in the UK, Jersey, the Isle of Man and the USA.

I am available for commissions at very reasonable prices.

I hope you enjoy my work and thank you for taking an interest.