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How to take a photograph of your pet.

For me to be able to paint an accurate portrait of you animal depends on the quality of the photographs that are supplied, here are a few hints on making that special photograph.

The best photographs should be taken outside and on a bright, but cloudy day, natural light is always best. If the photo cannot be taken outside try taking it by a large window or door. If your animal has a dark coat it is best to take it on a very bright day so the picture is over exposed but should still show all the animals fine details. Always ensure the brightest light is at the back of you.

Always take your photos at low level not looking down; also ensure you capture your entire pet, from the same position take many close ups, more detail photos the better. It’s always good to have your pet in a natural pose. If you would like a good background, position your pet so it looks natural, lying down or sitting up. Example, if you have a Springer Spaniel it would be good to have him sitting looking alert ready to be sent off to retrieve his prey. Have the pet at a three quarter angle; never have them looking directly at you, perhaps get a colleague to squeak a toy a get there attention.
Using a digital camera, remember it doesn’t cost anything to produce a picture and the more photos I have the better the painting.
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